I guess you could say the TEETH journey begins in Japan in 2018, two years before Psyco was even a thing. Nonetheless, this was my first trip abroad of the country to a location where the fashion culture was so different from what I'd seen before that it completely transformed my outlook on fashion. My background in terms of style and clothing has largely been influenced by my upbringing. You can look at everything in life and see what influences have gone into it if you have a trained eye. What individuals, art, exposure, and so on are behind everything in the world. One of my favorite quotes has to be from Charles H. Duell.

Duell state, "Everything that can be invented has been invented.”

To me, art is just how you interpret your experiences as inspiration and then combine them into your own unique creative twist. Your spin has been reshaped into something different. Nothing is created out of thin air to be completely original; everything has been influenced by something else in some manner. This is where I believe the majority of people fall short. Being an artist is defined by the realization that everything that has ever been made originated from something else.

The exposure to Japanese culture and how people dress, as well as this poster that I have kept since I can remember, are the major influences for TEETH. TEETH is the name of a poster that my father received in college. The TEETH project has taken influence from this poster. 

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